How to make iTerm2 appear using a hotkey

Here’s one quick tip for making better use of iTerm 2 in MacOS.

I’ve finally found a use for that weird § symbol at the top left of your keyboard that you don’t use!

It can be set up to make your iTerm2 terminal drop-down from the top of your screen. It will do this regardless of what application you’re in.

If you’re in full-screen mode with an app, it will bring you back to your desktop. When you close it, you’ll be brought back to the full-screen app.

How to do this

See below images for help.

  1. Open up the preferences menu using cmd + ~ or at the top of the screen click iTerm2 then Preferences…
  2. Select Keys > Hotkey
  3. Press “Create a dedicated Hotkey Window…”
  4. Click in the box that says “Click to Set”
  5. Press the § button and you’re done!

Now, every time you press that button a hotkey window will appear.

By default, the hotkey window is slightly transparent but you can turn this off in Preferences… > Profiles > Hotkey Window > Window. Drag the Transparency slider to the left.

Why is this useful?

A lot of people tell me that it’s “just as fast” to do a few clicks with their mouse than to open and use the terminal. This makes it really fast to do all the things I’ve taught you about the terminal.

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